Duke-Level Credentials

All of our tutors are current Duke students who received a score of 2300+ on their SATs, 34+ on their ACTs, and 5s on their APs. They also have extensive experience in their fields of study and have undergone background checks and training.



Personalized Program

We match each student with a tutor who suits his/her learning styles and objectives and construct a strategic program that best fits their schedule. Weekdays, late nights, in-person and Skype - we do it all for you.



Where you want, when you want.

With options such as Skype and Duke University's incredible libraries and study facilities at your fingertips, you can always be sure to get the best tutoring experience possible, the way you want it.



Connect with the brightest Duke students for personalized SAT, ACT,  and AP tutoring, college application support, and essay consultation.